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Release Notes

IXIA hat IxChariot weiterentwickelt. IxChariot ist nun in der Version 9.0 EA erhältlich. Zu den Hauptneuerungen gehören die folgenden Dinge:
 Version  Highlights Release Herstellerbeschreibung 
9.0 EA
  • Firewall and NAT device traversal support between distributed endpoints and the web console.
  • Endpoints registration to the web console.
  • Central endpoints management from the web console.
  • Deploy public endpoints in cloud services, such as AWS EC2, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure or Rackspace.
  • Run tests between private data centers / offices and public cloud services before migrating to the cloud.
  • Support for hosting the IxChariot Console Server in cloud services.
  • Control over how IxChariot handles the test failures in overloaded or error-prone networks, including wireless.
  • Improved the reliability on automatically stopping the test in case it exceeds the configured duration.
  • Support for enabling high precision timers for reducing the UDP jitter on the supported endpoint platforms.
  • Support for using IPv6 for the IxChariot management traffic.
  • The 9.0 endpoints are compatible with the previous console and endpoint versions (7.x / 8.x).
  • Support for using external license servers (version 3.10 EA or newer).
  • Not Available In IxChariot 9.0
  • GeNiEnd2End can not use this version
  • Video or Multicast traffic types
  • Advanced Script Editor
  • Ixia Chassis support (e.g. 400T2, XM2, XM12, XG12, XGS12)


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