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Release Notes

ScienceLogic hat EM7 weiterentwickelt. EM7 ist nun in der Version 6.1.p erhältlich. Zu den Hauptneuerungen gehören die folgenden Dinge:
 Version  Highlights Release Herstellerbeschreibung 
  • New access key that grants organizational users the ability to view cloaked ticket notes.
  • Support for customer defined pingable device classes.
  • Support for IPMI Traps added.
  • Dynamic Application collection objects can now store up to 512 characters.
  • New option in Device Classes to use hrSystemUptime instead of sysUpTime during availability polling.
  • New warranty expired and service expired events, in addition to the exiting -about to expire- and -expiring imminently- events.
  • New option to index SNMP dynamic applications using the SNMP Index for a specific collection object.


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